Programming Value

Pulaski, you've got programming options!

Offering 260 channels, including an amazing basic package, high-quality digital programming, advanced DVR capabilities, an abundance of high-definition channels, and great pay-per-view and digital-quality music selections. PES Energize is providing you with tremendous television programming value. Our Cable customers now have nearly 30 channels available online via



Receive 78 channels of wide-ranging programming that will satisfy the whole family. Enjoy a selection of local Nashville channels, a surprising number of news and sports channels, and all the great cable TV programming you'd expect from a cutting-edge provider.

Digital Plus


Get the 78 basic channels, but add another 42 digital channels of wide-ranging programming, 10 channels of wholesome entertainment in the free Family Tier, plus access to pay-per-view, 45 digital-quality music selections and--with an HD set-top box--access 38 HD Basic channels.  What a value!

Digital Bronze


Enjoy all the channels listed above, but add a premium movie package. Choose either HBO, Cinemax, Showtime or the Starz/Encore SuperPak.

Digital Silver


Why limit yourself to one premium movie package?  With the Digital Silver package you get the basic and digital programming listed above, plus choose any two of the premium movie packages.

Digital Gold


Go ahead and have it all!  Get the Digital Gold package and enjoy over 200 channels of quality entertainment!  Plus have access to pay-per-view, and get all four premium movie packages.

High Definition Tier


PES Energize provides an abundance of HD channels free of charge, but for more original HD programming, you can add the HD Tier that offers Smithsonian, Escapes, AXS TV, Palladia, Universal HD and Velocity. Blow your mind with the full HD experience by purchasing the HD Tier.

Sports Tier


Need even more sports? Well, we have you covered with our Digital Sports Tier.  Get access to Fox College Sports, ESPN News, Outdoor Channel and other exciting sports and outdoor programming by subscribing to this affordable tier.

Channel Lineup

Download the complete PES Energize Channel Lineup