What is a Fiber to the Home System?

A Fiber to the Home system (FTTH) is an advanced telecommunications technology that utilizes 100% fiber optics throughout the entire system.  Unlike traditional cable or telephone systems that use copper wire or a mixture of coax and fiber optics, the FTTH system is more reliable, provides virtually unlimited bandwidth and requires less maintenance once it is constructed.  If the local cable provider or the telephone company were to significantly upgrade their system in Pulaski today, the FTTH technology would be the technology of choice.


Why is PES Energize building a fiber optic system in Pulaski?

The leadership of our city is investing in a fiber network to realize the following benefits for our community:

  • To provide the community with the types of communication services Pulaski deserves.

In most urban areas across the country, advanced entertainment and data communication services are readily available to homes and business.  Advanced services such as high definition television, video-on-demand, and very high speed Internet access are services that should be available in Pulaski.  By making this investment in the community, PES Energize can ensure that leading-edge communications and entertainment services are available to our residents and business.  Since we live in an information age, the quality and availability of these services is paramount to our quality of living here in Pulaski. 

  • To keep communications and entertainment revenues in Pulaski

After expenses for debt service and operations are paid, any excess revenue will go back into future capital improvements. Today the local providers take millions of dollars out of our community, returning very little to Pulaski.  Our FTTH system will ensure these excess funds will be put to work in our community, not others.

  • To ensure that healthy competition results in fair prices.

Energize services provided on the FTTH system will compete against the cable TV, Internet and local telephone services available today.  By having the opportunity to select an alternative provider for these services, the natural forces of competition will ensure that residents and businesses will have real choices in selecting their service providers, and access to fair pricing.


What will we be able to do with the fiber optic system?

The fiber optic system will allow PES Energize to offer state of the art television, Internet and telephone services to the community.  Services will be more reliable, faster, and clearer. More importantly, since the community will own the system, PES Energize will have a community flavor.  Overall the FTTH system will improve the quality of life in this community and provide a strong economic development tool by attracting new business and enhancing the competitiveness of our current business community.


Will Energize services be an improvement to what is available in the community today?

Yes, very much so. We are able to offer clearer television reception, more entertainment channels to choose from, more television packages, high definition programming, faster Internet connection speeds and unique telephone service packages.


I use Dial-Up Internet today.  How is your system better than dial-up?

Typically dial-up Internet services connect at less than 49.9kbps.  Our connection speed on the fiber network will only be limited by the Internet package you purchase for your home or business.  Energize users will have access to connection speeds ranging from 5MB to 30 MB. Also, our system will be an “always on” connection; therefore you will not need to tie up your phone lines.  Our system will not require a cable modem for Internet access, all you need is a computer with a network card.


Q: If high speed Internet is available in Pulaski today, why do we need this new fiber system for Internet access?

The data capacity of cable modem Internet service and DSL is limited in its bandwidth capacity.  These capacity limitations will not serve the long-term needs of Pulaski residents and businesses.  Therefore, the PES Energize system is designed to offer a full range of Internet access packages, at various speeds up to 30Mbps.  Energize will also have higher connection speed for uploads.  This is a distinct advantage, and a major improvement in the Internet access choices available in our community.


When will these services be available to my home or business?

Service is available throughout Pulaski.  Please contact us to set up an installation appointment.


Will I need special equipment to use FTTH services?

No.  All necessary equipment will be provided at installation.  In general, the FTTH system will use the current wiring in your home or business.  Where needed, your installer will provide any additional cabling.

Helpful Info

Click here to download a map of our PES Energize service area.  If you have a question about availability, please call us at (931) 363-2522 to learn more.

Check out the latest PES Energize rate card to learn more about all the services available over the 100% fiber-optic network.

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