Creating Strong Passwords

Today, many of our customers had difficulty accessing their e-mail. As it turns out, one customer's e-mail account was hacked because their password was "password". Some unscrupulous individual began using that account to send unwanted advertisements (spam) to thousands of people, which overloaded our mail server.

Please use discretion when creating passwords. As a general rule, they should have a combination of capitol, lower case, numbers and special characters. "PE$3nerg!ze" is a good example of a complex password (but not one we use!). Using a phrase like, I Love PES Energize Internet Service, to create "iLPES3i$!!!" is another way to make complex and memorable passwords. In any case, "password", "1234", "4321", etc. are not acceptable. Once your mail account is accessed, hackers can use the password-reset function on Facebook, your bank account, Amazon, Ebay, and have fun with your money and reputation, so PLEASE! Choose a good password.