The time has come for our much-needed maintenance outage. We are planning to begin at midnight and work into the early morning hours on Sunday, February 18th. Our goal is to increase bandwidth between our core router and the individual fiber chassis. This will remove the remaining bottle-neck and take advantage of our recent internet circuit bandwidth increase. These chassis will be taken offline individually while we swap to a higher bandwidth connection and rebuild each data package to utilize the new connection. Once a chassis is complete we will move to the next until all are updated. If the first one is not successful, we will immediately restore from a backup and abandon the upgrade.

Outages will be regional and brief, about 30-60 minutes, while we reconfigure the new connection to each chassis.

As always, we apologize for this inconvenience to our customers. If it were possible to reduce or prevent any loss of service, we would gladly do so. Unfortunately, our network requires this upgrade to meet the growing demands of our customers and we are eager to provide a robust and reliable service.