Sharena Gentry

Every morning, Sharena Gentry hits the floor running.  For this working mother, every day is the amazing race.  Serving as a PES Accountant and still finding reading, art and hugging time for her terrific tot is a challenge.  Sharena values her time, and her family's hard earned money.

Tracking revenue coming in and paying the bills gout out is Sharena's job at PES -- and at home too.  So she is really excited about the PES Energize
Triple Play package.  For just $99.95 a month it gives her 5Mbps internet speed for fast on-line shopping and banking. AND 81 channels of great cable programming including Disney for 2 year old Javion and Lifetime for mom. AND a residential phone package with Caller ID, Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling.  All on one bill.  At one great price!

Saving time and money is why PES Energize makes sense... and dollars, to Sharena.

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