Important Information Regarding Your Phone Service

As part of PES Energize's commitment to providing valuable, high-quality service, we are making improvements to our phone service. These phone service updates will become effective May 12, 2010

  • Call Block- *15 option to block the last # that called you is no longer available, but feature can still be set via the web portal 
  • Call Forward Always-Gain ability to turn feature on/off via the web portal
  • Call Forward Busy Line- Forwards calls when a busy signal is detected
  • Call Forward Don't Answer- Forwards calls when not answered within a specified number of rings
  • Call Waiting- Gain Ability to turn feature on (*56) or off (*57)
  • Out Bound Called ID Block- Gain ability to turn feature permanently on/off
  • Speed Dial- will be converted to 2 digit speed dial numbers 

Reset Voicemail:

Due to the service updates, you will need to reset your Voicemail after May 12, 2010. Please be advised, all prior Voicemail will no longer be accessible from your telephone or website on this date.

 Voicemail Set Up:

  1. Dial [*98] from your phone. Important: To prevent billable charges, make sure to enter *98 to get to your mailbox prior to entering your temporary passcode found in the next step.
  2. When prompted, enter your temporary passcode [8642] followed by the [#] key
  3. You will receive a message telling you the passcode has expired, and prompting you to enter a permanent passcode followed by the [#] key
  4. Once you have entered the permanent passcode and pressed [#], you will receive a validation prompt asking you to re-enter your code and press [#]
  5. Follow the rest of the prompts to record your name and greetings

To Access Voicemail:

  • From Home/Business: Dial [*98] from your phone and you will receive a prompt to enter your passcode followed by the [#] key
  • Remotely: Dial your phone number and wait for your voicemail message to answer. At the point you hear the message, press [*] and you will then receive a prompt to enter your passcode followed by the [#] key

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about the service updates, please call 931-363-2522. An updated feature guide will be provided under the Feature Guide tab on our web portal. Thank you for using PES Energize.