Urgent Bulletin: We have received notice that customers are receiving a message that says “As a Pulaski Electric user, they have been selected to receive a free prize.” This is a scam and is not

PES Energize is proud to announce the addition of an exciting new service called TV Everywhere.

Article on PES Energize Appears in NAI Nashville Publication

Jay Raney, proprietor of Media Graphic Design in Pulaski, is a professional graphic designer who has been in business since 1999. But until recently, his Internet bandwidth was stuck in 2004. Up until a year ago, Raney had to settle for a DSL connection offered locally by BellSouth successor AT&T and cable provider Charter Communications. Because most of his clients are out-of-state, Raney was forced to slug through sending and receiving high-resolution images at speeds inferior to those enjoyed by teenagers in Hong Kong.

Phone Guide

Download the complete PES Energize phone feature book to learn how to access all the advance features available on the PES Energize phone.