Internet Speed Test

With PES Energize, you have access to the fastest Internet connection around.  How fast is your connection?  Use the PES Energize speed test to find out.  

Channel Lineup

Download the complete PES Energize Channel Lineup

Location Availability

Click here to download a map of our PES Energize service area.  If you have a question about availability, please call us at (931) 363-2522 and select option 4 to learn more.

Every morning, Sharena Gentry hits the floor running.  For this working mother, every day is the amazing race.  Serving as a PES Accountant and still finding reading, art and hugging time for her terrific tot is a challenge.  Sharena values her time, and her family's hard earned money.


Programming Value

Pulaski, you've got programming options!