Every morning, Sharena Gentry hits the floor running.  For this working mother, every day is the amazing race.  Serving as a PES Accountant and still finding reading, art and hugging time for her terrific tot is a challenge.  Sharena values her time, and her family's hard earned money.

For some parents, keeping in touch with their out of town kids is a once-in-awhile thing. For Mary and Joel Hassell, it’s practically a full time job!

With 11 of their 12 children (plus 44 grands and 8 great-grands!) scattered across the country, this blended family has a lot of catching up to do on a regular basis. Which is made easier and more fun with Nationwide Unlimited long distance and super high speed Internet from PES Energize.

Urgent Bulletin: We have received notice that customers are receiving a message that says “As a Pulaski Electric user, they have been selected to receive a free prize.” This is a scam and is not

Beethoven said that music can change the world, and Charlotte Hughes is attuned to that philosophy. As organist and assistant choir director at her church, she knows that every time voices and instrument converge to make beautiful music, the world is a little sweeter.

In her work world, Charlotte has been Administrative Assistant to the President/CEO of PES for many years. Being in the center of it all, she has seen lots of changes in that time.  But nothing as “grandioso” as PES Energize.

What’s that clicking sound? It’s Joyce Bryant zooming in and focusing on her favorite subjects... her granddaughters Kailey and Gracie. Photo-ops abound when the subjects are the cutest kids in the county. Camera in hand, Joyce is always ready to capture those magical moments that are meant to be shared.

PES Energize is proud to announce the addition of an exciting new service called TV Everywhere.

Randy Hooie doesn’t have to travel far to pursue his love of fishing.  He can drop a line in any one of the lakes, streams and ponds around Pulaski. He knows what’s biting on what kind of bait.  It’s the local advantage.

That local advantage extends to Randy’s job as well. As a long time meter technician for PES, he knows the equipment like the banks of his favorite fishing hole. His eye for precision and detail assures his customers that they are getting the best service possible.  From someone they know and trust.

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